Matlab Version 5.2 Installed on Atom

    MATLAB is an integrated technical computing environment that combines numeric computation, advanced graphics, visualization, and a high-level programming language.

Matlab Tour with Examples

    MATLAB began as a "MATrix LABoratory" program, intended to provide interactive access to the famous LINPACK and EISPACK libraries of state-of-the-art numerical routines. These are carefully tested, high-quality general-use packages for solving linear equations and eigenvalue problems.

    The goal of Matlab was to enable scientists to use matrix-based techniques to solve problems, without having to write programs in traditional languages like C and Fortran. More capabilities have been added to this version, in particular outstanding graphics support for the X window environment.

Neural Network Design using MatLab

Using matlab on Atom

    In order to run MATLAB, it is necessary to have an X windows computer or an X window simulator program. For IBMs and IBM compatible, 32 X Win is recommended and for Macs, Mac X is recommended. These programs will allow the computer to employ the graphical elements of MATLAB.
    MATLAB can be used by simply typing

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