S-Plus Version 3.4 Installed on Atom

    S-Plus is a powerful interactive package for statistical and graphical analysis. It is a combination of an object-oriented programming language with powerful graphics capabilities, and a large number of pre-programmed statistical routines. The programmability of S-PLUS gives it extreme flexibility, which is why it is very popular with statistical researchers. However, this flexibility can be intimidating to the first time user.

Using S-PLUS on Atom

To start S-PLUS interactively on Atom, type Splus at the Atom prompt.

(the "atom %" is the shell prompt, thus it is not typed)
    To get a graphical display in S-PLUS a "device" must be initialized. In the X-Window environment, the easiest device to use is the Motif device. To start this device, simply type the command after S-PLUS has started. This command runs the function motif, which opens graphics window and instructs S-PLUS to do all its graphing in this window.
    S-PLUS provides extensive help on all of the built-in functions and datasets. In X-window, a window-based help utility is started by issuing the command Web Resources on S-PLUS

    Because of its heavy use in the academic statistics community, there are many web-based resources on S-PLUS. A small segment is given here, highlighting the sites that are deemed most useful.

MathSoft is the developer and distributor of S-PLUS, thus this is the "homepage" for S-PLUS. Notes on S-PLUS, by B. Venables and D. Smith:

    In order to run S-Plus, it is necessary to have an X window computer or an X window simulator program.

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