On April 16, 1998 four students from Clark High School took part in the School to Work program at NSCEE. The students were given a tour of the high-performance computer room followed by a question and answer period with the senior systems analyst. The students were then introduced to college students working in the visualization laboratory where they participated in an informal discussion.

    The students, all from different countries, are very enthusiastic about continuing their education. Reinier Santana from Cuba wants to continue his education at Clark County Community College; Luis Novoa from Mexico is planning to attend UNLV; Yu Wei Li from China intends to study Hotel Management at UNLV; and Vaspol Agavatpanitch from Thailand plans to attend MIT.

Left to Right: Vaspol Agavatpanitch, Reinier Santan,
Yu Wei Li and Luis Novoa

    This partnership with the Clark County High Schools is providing an opportunity for students to see the inner workings of today's high technology workplace.

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