Supercomputing 99

Supercomputing 99 (SC99) is this year's premier conference on High Performance Networking and Computing, to be held in Portland Oregon, November 13-19, 1999.

SC99 will present "State-of-the- field" talks, a new feature designed to provide attendees with a valuable source of technical insight that would be nearly impossible to find anywhere else.These talks will cover disciplines such as computer architectures, networking, software, and visualization, ending with a vision of where these exciting technologies will take us in the future.

SC99 solicits original papers reporting results and experiences related to high performance networking and computing. Authors are encouraged to consider the implications of high-end innovations for the broader computing community, including applications in industry and education.

Topics of interest include: local- and wide-area networking, distributed computing systems, data- and computation-intensive applications, exploitation of large-scale databases, scalable systems, system interconnection networks, high-performance I/O, programming environments and tools, performance measurement and analysis, parallel databases, visualization, distributed collaborations, parallel and distributed algorithms, digital libraries, and data mining.

The tutorials program will cover a broad range of topics related to the theory and practice of high performance networking and computing, including parallel and distributed computing, scalable architectures, scientific visualization, network technology, operating systems, compiler technology, algorithms and numerical methods, program development tools, performance measurement and analysis, data mining, storage access systems, Web/video servers, and collaborative technologies.

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