Meeting of Coalition of Academic
Supercomputing Centers to be
held in Las Vegas

The Coalition of Academic Supercomputing Centers (CASC), established in 1989, will hold its next meeting in Las Vegas during August 3-5. This is the first meeting of CASC in Las Vegas. This an appropriate time to meet in Las Vegas coming right after the recent completion of the National Science Foundation recompetition of the previous NSF supercomputer centers under a program known as PACI -- Partnerships for Advanced Computational Infrastructure program.

CASC membership includes the following Centers:

CASC executive officers include: Dr. John Connolly, University of Kentucky, Chairman and Dr. Charles Bender, Ohio Supercomputer Center, Secretary & Treasurer.

CASC members are committed to using high performance computing and communications technology to increase national competitiveness, improve workforce training, advance economic development, enhance education, and help build the Next Generation Internet. CASC is a member of Internet2.

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