FIDAP on the Origin 2000

by Dr. Samir Moujaes
UNLV Mechanical Engineering Department

Fidap is a finite elements 3-D transient thermal fluids program that can be used to solve a variety of heat transfer problems. The program can solve conduction, radiation and convection problems simultaneously. It has a good preprocessor (much better than older versions of the code) and powerful postprocessor capabilities to represent velocity, temperature and pressure fields.

The installation of FIDAP 7.6 on atom (the Origin 2000) has made our original code execute much faster compared with other platforms in the past. The code has being used in the past to simulate heat transfer in a variety of configurations relevant to the high level nuclear waste repository. Currently, research work is being conducted using FIDAP to simulate heat transfer and fluid flow in attics and will be used to simulate indoor airflow and contaminant concentration diffusion in residential spaces. Future research will make use of this code to address additional flow issues for the Yucca Mountain Project.

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