Origin 2000 Training Sessions

The NSCEE will offer two Origin 2000 training sessions in July.

Topics will include the following:

Session I July 18th

Introduction: Scalable Shared Memory
R10000 Architecture
Origin2000 Programming
Let the Compiler Do the Work
Recommended Flags for Fortran and C
Recommendations for Achieving Good Performance
Get the Right Answers
Use Existing Tuned Code
Find Out Where to Tune
Profiling Tools
Using SpeedShop
Recommended Flags
Standard Techniques for Improving Cache Performance

Session II July 23rd

Intro to Multi-Processor Programming
Parallel Speedup and Amdahl's Law
Explicit Models of Parallel Computation
Fortran Source with Directives
C and C++ Source with Directives
Message-Passing Models MPI and PVM
C Source Using POSIX Threads
C and C++ Source Using UNIX Processes
Compiling Serial Code for Parallel Execution
Tuning Parallel Code for Origin2000
Seating is limited, to reserve your seat or for further information call 702-895-4153.

Or see the following URL: http://www.nscee.edu/training

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