xmgr Now installed on atom

Xmgr Release 3.01pl8, a plotting tool for workstations us ing X/Motif is now installed on the Origin2000. Some users may know the X version of this package xvgr.

ACE/gr is an XY plotting tool for workstations or X-termi nals using X. A few of its features are:

While ACE/gr has a convenient point-and-click interface, most parameter settings and operations are available through a command line interface (found in Files/Commands).

An example screen from xmgr on atom

A mini lesson in Xmgr

Launch the application xmgr by typing xmgr at the Unix prompt.

The five options at the top of the xmgr main window File, Data, Graph, Page and View each provide extensive pulldown menus with several options. For example, left clicking on the View button produces the following options:

Spend about five minutes exploring some of the options under the File, Edit and View. Be sure to explore: Now create a data file contain results drawn from Amdahl's Law by compiling and executing the following fortran code named xmgr1.f. Compile your Fortran code with f77 xmgr1.f and execute it with a.out to produce the data file test1_xmgr.dat.

Example code

   program xmgr1

      parameter(nmax = 100, v = 64.0)


      f = 0.0
      do 1 n = 0,nmax
         s = 1.0/(1.0 - f + f/v)
         f = f + .01
   1  continue

You now have a data file to load into the application xmgr. If xmgr is still running you can load the data file test1_xmgr.dat using the option File/Read sets.

This method will usually require that the viewport be re scaled to fit the data. This resizing can be accomplished by left clicking on the button marked on the left side of the xmgr window or with the option Graph/Autoscale.

If xmgr is not running, your data set can be loaded from the command line by typing xmgr test1_xmgr.dat. Loading from the command line will generally avoid the need to rescale the viewport.

A single xmgr data file can contain multiple data sets by separating the different data sets with an ampersand (&).

When the mouse is on the canvas (where the graph is drawn), there are some shortcuts that can be taken to bring up several popups. They are:

For more information on xmgr see the following URL: http://www.nscee.edu/nscee/Software/Origin2000/xmgr

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