Medici and TSUPREM-4 Codes Installed on Nye

By Dr. Rama Venkat

TSUPREM-4 is a Two-Dimensional Process Simulation Program. This program simulates the processing steps used in the manufacture of silicon integrated circuits and discrete devices. TSUPREM- 4 simulates the incorporation and redistribution of impurities in a cross section perpendicular to the surface of the silicon wafer. The types of processing steps modeled are:

Medici is a Two-Dimensional Device Simulation Program. This program simulates the behavior of MOS transistors, bipolar transistors and other semiconductor devices. It models the distributions of potential and carrier concentrations in a device and can be used to predict the electrical characteristics for various bias conditions.

Medici solves Poisson's and current continuity equations to analyze these devices. It is also used to study devices under transient operating conditions.

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