CASC Member Universities

CASC Meeting at UNLV

     The Coalition of Academic Supercomputing Centers (CASC), established in 1989, held its annual meeting in Las Vegas August 3-5 at UNLV's National Supercomputing Center.

    CASC members are committed to using high performance computing and communications technology to increase national competitiveness, improve workforce training, advance economic development, enhance education, and help build the Next Generation Internet. CASC is a member of Internet2.

    Attendees included all 28 CASC members. The following is a short topic list of the meetings events:

CASC Papers:

- The Impact of High Performance Computing on Aerospace and Defense

- Improving Health Care Delivery Through High Performance Computing

- The Impact of High Performance Computing on Biology, Medicine and Biomedical Research

- America Leads the Way in Networking Technology

University Program - ASCI

Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative (ASCI), a ten-year, $1-billion dollar program designed to deliver tera-scale (a trillion calculations per second) computing capability.

PACI Program

NSF's Partnerships for Advanced Computational Infrastructure provides the opportunity for the academic world to shape the future of large-scale simulation in science and engineering.

NSF Networking

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has made grants to institutions across the United States that will allow them to con nect to NSF's very high speed Backbone Network Service (vBNS). vBNSD is a sophisticated telecommunications system that enables scientists across the continent to share powerful computing resources.

Visit CASC for additional information.

New Interim Director

    As of September 1, 1997 Joseph Lombardo has been named interim director of the National Supercomputing Center for Energy and the Environment (NSCEE). He can be reached at 702-895-4153

    Joseph Lombardo has been the technical user consultant for NSCEE since October 1991.

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