Supercomputing 97 (SC97)

    SC97 is this year's premier conference on High Performance Networking and Computing, to be held in San Jose, California, November 15-21, 1997.

    SC97 will present "State-of-the- field" talks, a new feature designed to provide attendees with a valuable source of technical insight that would be nearly impossible to find anywhere else. These talks will cover disciplines such as computer architectures, networking, software, and visualization, ending with a vision of where these exciting technologies will take us in the future

    Six half-day and 11 full-day tutorials, to be given by the leaders in high performance networking and computing, will cover a wide range of topics, including do-it-yourself supercomputers, MPI, parallel adaptive mesh refinement solutions, data mining, performance evaluation, metacomputing systems, Java, and more.

    SCinet97, the on-site network, built and designed specifically for the conference, will be the infrastructure that provides the communications foundation for SC97. It will provide the full range of networking services internally, and connectivity to a variety of external networks including a DS3 (45 Mbit) connection to the commodity Internet and access to the vBNS, Internet II, DREN, ESnet, and more. Total bandwidth into the convention center will be at least OC48 (2.4 Gbits/second). Inside the center Ethernet 10/100, HiPPI, ATM, FDDI, and other advanced networking services will be available to any booth requesting the connection. SC97 also plans to showcase advanced applications in a booth specifically dedicated to advanced networking.

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