Survey of Benchmarking

    A benchmark is a test that measures the performance of a computer system or subsystem on a well-defined task or set of tasks.

    Benchmarks can also be used as monitoring and diagnostic tools. By running a benchmark and comparing the results against a known configuration, one can potentially pinpoint the cause of poor performance. Similarly, a developer can run a benchmark after making a change that might impact performance to determine the extent of the impact.

    Benchmarks are frequently used to ensure the minimum level of performance in a procurement specification. Rarely is performance the most important factor in a purchase, though. One must never forget that it's more important to be able to do the job correctly than it is to get the wrong answer in half the time.

Common Benchmarks include the following:

    There is now a new www page called System Optimization Information that contains the latest benchmark comparison lists and the locations on where to find the actual benchmarking programs.

See the following URL: for additional information.

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