SGI® ONYX® 3800 with InfiniteReality3 Graphics

The SGI® Onyx® 3000 series is the third-generation implementation of the revolutionary SGI® NUMA architecture using NUMAflex[tm] technology. This tightly coupled architecture with inherent scaling of system and graphics bandwidth is central to the series' breakthrough visual performance.

The third-generation SGI NUMA architecture found in the Onyx 3000 series delivers up to 716GBbytes per second in raw memory bandwidth and low memory latency.

While the SGI Onyx 3000 series architecture delivers a scalable infrastructure, it is the features of InfiniteReality family graphics that deliver the ultimate in visual realism. From the beginning, InfiniteReality family graphics were designed to enable the seamless integration of 2D, 3D, volumetric, and video data sources and to do so with the utmost in color precision and image fidelity. Each InfiniteReality family graphics subsystem is implemented in a modular approach that allows you to select the amount of performance and the types of display options that you need, with up to 8.3 million pixels being displayed from each graphics subsystem.

The 64-bit MIPS® RISC processor is the engine that drives the blazing compute performance of SGI Onyx 3000 s eries systems:


Number of processors 32 MIPS® R14000A at 600 MHz (12/02)
Graphics pipelines 1
C-Bricks 8
System Bandwidth 716 GB/second maximum
Memory 32 GB
Router type 2 R-bricks
Base I/O 1 I-Brick
Additional System I/O 1 P-Brick
System Disk 36 GB
Operating System IRIX 6.5

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