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StorageTek PowderHorn® 9310 Automated Cartridge System (ACS)

The StorageTek PowderHorn® 9310 automated cartridge system's massive capacity and high-speed access is ideal for large NT, UNIX, supercomputer and mainframe systems. Suited for sharing information across an entire enterprise, the StorageTek 9310 automated cartridge system is the largest-capacity tape library StorageTek offers.

The PowderHorn ACS features StorageTek's ultra-reliable robotics for high availability and accommodates a mix of enterprise tape drives to allow the right drive for each application: the T9840 access-centric tape drive, with superior speed and unmatched access, ideal for transaction-intensive, time critical applications and Hierarchial Storage Management and the T9940 capacity-centric tape drive with unmatched capacity and throughput, ideal for archiving, backup, record retention, and disaster recovery.

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