Sun StorEdge™ T4 Disk Array

For midrange to enterprise computing, the Sun StorEdge™ T4 array for the enterprise offers a flexible, scalable approach to growing storage while reducing total cost of ownership. Full redundancy helps ensure that no single failure inhibits data availability.

Two high-performance RAID controllers provide dual fibre-channel interfaces, each accessing a separate array of nine disk drives. Should a controller fail, alternate controllers provide access to all drives. In addition, each controller has its own cache, delivering up to 2 GB of memory for fast access to frequently accessed data.

Recently written information is mirrored in cache on both controllers, providing extra prevention against data loss. The Sun StorEdge T4 array for the enterprise delivers outstanding three-way scalability of capacity, performance and availability. As capacity scales, additional cache provides consistent high performance, while additional data paths and redundancy increase availability.

Additional capabilities can also be added through firmware download or controller upgrades for outstanding investment protection.

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