Sun Fire's dynamic reconfiguration allows the addition or removal of system resources -- CPUs, memory modules, I/O -- without shutting down the operating system or powering down the system itself.

Components such as I/O cards, power and cooling, and even the system clock are fully redundant. The system interconnect is redundant and reconfigurable.

Sun Fire E6900 servers capture the ongoing history of key system components, including data on installation, power, temperatures and soft (memory) errors. In the event of some of the most common errors, Proactive Self Diagnostics provides easy-to-understand diagnostics and identifies which components have been affected.

The Sun Fireplane Interconnect is a packet-switched, crossbar architecture. It provides high sustained bandwidth of 9.6 gigabytes per second and very high aggregated bandwidth, up to 67.2 gigabytes per second.


Number of processors 12 UltraSPARC IV at 1.35 GHz
Architecture Superscalar SPARC[tm] V9, UltraSPARC IV
E-cache per processor 16 MB
System interconnect Sun Fireplane interconnect 9.6 GB/second sustained
Main memory 48 GB
I/O 32 hot-swappable PCI slots (twenty-four 66-MHz and eight 33-MHz)
System controller Two per system
Operating System Solaris 10

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