Using Star-CD on elko

Users can run STAR-CD on elko. Please inform NSCEE of your intent to use this package. The College of Engineering owns the license for this package.

The software is located in /usr/local/star

For introductory help take a look at the starting tutorial (version 3.150)

acroread /usr/local/star/v3150.adapco.20021205/man/tutorial/star_tut.pdf

There is also a User's Guide:

acroread /usr/local/star/v3150.adapco.20021205/man/uguide/star_uguide.pdf

Users can execute STAR-CD in parallel mode. Please read the file: /usr/local/star/v3150.adapco.20021205/data/

To setup a parallel run use the Graphical User Interface prohpc:


You can also read how to use this GUI:

acroread /usr/local/star/v3150.adapco.20021205/man/hpc/hpc.pdf

Follow the directions on this web site to create and manage stratch (temporary) space using the ndisk utility.

Examples for tutorials can be found in: /usr/local/star/v3.20/PROSTAR/3.20.01/tutorials

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