The following compilers are installed on elko.

Hints Libraries

SGI provides Scientific Computing Software Libraries for Mathematical applications. These libraries are optimized for the IRIX platform and many of them are multitasked, meaning they will run in parallel mode. See example at the end of this page.

f77 -Ofast=IP32 -o my-prog2.x my-prog2.f -lblas_mp

For help using these libraries consult the man page

If you need to link other libraries, for example, blas parallel libraries:

f77 -Ofast=IP32 -o my-prog2.x my-prog2.f -lblas_mp

If you need to link your own libraries or include files:

f90 -Ofast=IP35 -o my-prog3.x my-prog3.f -L/path/to/library \ -Lmylib -I/path/to/include/files

SGI has released a set of Scientific subroutines called SCSL which replace the sgi math routines, -lcomplib_sgimath. Refer to manpage intro_scsl for more information.

Use this code to test SCSL libraries in serial and Parallel mode:

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