The following links should help you find the answers to most of the questions you may have concerning e-mail.


Pine has a text browser style interface. Pine can be started by typing 'pine' (no quotes) at the command line. Pine will configure itself and display its start screen where commands are listed on the screen for further action. You can find more information on Pine here.

Setting up nmh

Setting up nmh is machine dependent so please follow the directions for the machine you will be loging into.


You must edit your .cshrc file and uncomment the line
#setenv NMHUSER log out then back in to have nmh added to your path.


Execute the following command.
uchkconfig -f nmh on log out then back in to have nmh added to your path.

Using nmh

The man page for nmh is available, to view it execute:

man nhm

A list of essential mh commands is below. For more information follow the link to the website for nmh (new mh) or type 'man XXX' where XXX is either 'nmh' or one of its commands such as 'inc'

The minimum set of nmh commands that you can get by with is:

inc incorporate mail (get new mail)
show show the first message
next show the next message
comp -editor emacs compose a new message to send using the emacs editor
repl reply to a received message
scan list contents of entire mailbox
rmm remove a mail message

For more information on nmh see the website for new mh

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