Filesystem backups

As specified in NSCEE's user aggreements users are responsible for backing up their own data, however NSCEE does perform periodic backups of user and system partitions. NSCEE will restore user files from backup when possible at the request of the owner of the account.

Allocation of additional space (scratch disk) in /xdisk area.

User accounts have limited disk space (enforced by quotas) if you have need for larger quanities of disk space they can be allocated using the NSCEE developed utility ndisk. ndisk allows a user to allocate themselves disk for fixed periods of time. If a users allocation expires it is subject to deletion. As long as the user does not allow their allocation to expire the allocation can be renewed periodically to prevent it from expiring.

Instructions for using ndisk to allocate space in the /xdisk partition are Here.

Warning: NSCEE does not perform backups on the scratch space partition allocated by ndisk mentioned above. (/xdisk)

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